Sunday, 20 August 2017

2 Weeks worth.

Here we are eating out, Clemmy was helping me with the toast, I just love the look on her face.

Well thats enough of us.

The little fellow wants a bit of attention.

Cute as buttons.
 This is a toddler bed, not seen these before but will give them a go, in between a cot and a bed not able to use them till 15 months but will be handy if they stay over next year.

 Guess what these are tiny baby spiders. The beer fairy was told to bring in his pants if it rained as they were still damp when I went to my daughters two weeks ago but it didn't rain so he didn't bring them in so momma spider layed eggs and they hatched so we are allowing them to move on before rewashing.
 Smoke pictures
 Wonderful weather last weekend but this weekend  it's back to winter butit's only two weeks to spring.

 Leeroy is enjoying the sun.

 The new cleaner very lightweight and no cords  to lung around. I spent the afternoon cleaning the floor not even very noisy but only a small bin it was often emptied.

 is this the cutest little copper you have ever seen.

 She likes the noises but not the most alert driver.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Relaxing in the garden.

This was all recorded and the photos taken last week but I went over to my daughters place on Saturday night last week, the twins were not feeling too good they had a upsetting week and I forgot to take my camera so no baby pictures but I did take  garden pictures.
 I've just spent a couple of hours sleeping in the sun it's the middle of winter but today was 20 + c a lovely day to spend in the garden.
Just a quick clean up and a water every thing is very dry not much rain this winter.

This fellow reminds me of the beer fairy.

Pidge is getting on a bit does anyone know how long these little blokes live.
He is not flying so much now but likes to walk around on the ground.

The pond is full of tiny leaves.
One of the bird cages is full of spider webs no spiders but lots of webs

The sun is low in the sky almost time to go inside before it gets too cold.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Just a quick update.

Not many photos this week 
 The twins went to The big yellow bus (it's really a truck) for a play and socialise.

 Clemmy is in the centre of it all in her red tights.
 I've finished my jigsaw all done I have two empty spaces and two bits over only trouble is they don't fit in the holes so I've made a mistake somewhere but just can't see it, I will pass it on to the Yank who lives around the corner he likes jigsaws.

the sky is wonky too, there are a few bits missing.

2 Weeks worth.

Here we are eating out, Clemmy was helping me with the toast, I just love the look on her face. Well th...